Cajun Tune Workshop AND Jam Session Sunday, June 18, in SE Portland

Come join me over at Ned and Tia’s for a great afternoon of Cajun music. We’ll start the afternoon with a workshop featuring two classic one-steps: Happy One-Step and One-Step des McGees (both from legendary fiddler Dennis McGee). After that, share your favorite eats and drinks from 2:30-3pm and then we’ll jam on until 4:30pm. For details and registration, contact Tia at

The Cajun jam is a free monthly house party for folks who like Cajun music and want to get together with like-minded people to play and dance to this kind of music. It usually runs from 1-3:30pm on the third Sunday of the month. We’ve bumped it out to 3pm on June 18th because of the workshop. Interested? Get in touch with Tia at to have your name added to the PDX Cajun Jam Session list. You will receive invitations to the free monthly jam (third Sunday, 1-3:30pm at various homes in the Portland area). It’s a very learner-friendly environment, with folks bringing tune requests, tune to share, snacks (often with a Cajun flavor) and beverages.
WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION. Hey all you fans of one-steps, two-steps, stomps, and more…come learn a couple of way-cool one-steps (like two-steps, but short and to the point!): One Step des McGees and Happy One Step. After learning each basic melody, we’ll explore how to embellish it and improvise on it — dress it up, dress it down! We’ll also learn fun-to-do, fun-to-listen-to harmony lines. By the time you leave, you’ll be ready to play these one-steps at your next dance or jam session! The tune will be taught by ear.
The workshop will be followed by a snack and beverage potluck at 2:30pm and a jam session from 3-4:30pm.
WHAT: Cajun Tune Workshop
WHEN: Sunday, March 12, 1-2:30pm
WHERE: Home of Tia Regan & Ned Leager, 1935 SE 56th Ave., Portland
INSTRUMENTS: Fiddle, mandolin, banjo, concertina and accordion (piano accordion and button accordion welcome; button accordionists need a D box);

COST: $20-25 sliding scale
WHO IS THIS FOR: If you are able to get your way around your instrument on a dozen or more tunes without your hair catching on fire, can pick up simple tunes by ear (this one is very accessible), and have some background with OT, Cajun, French-Canadian, Irish, or contra tunes, this workshop is for you!

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP LEADER. Fiddler Lisa Ornstein, who launched Portland’s Cajun jam, will lead this workshop. She can’t wait to share this tunes which you may have danced to if you were at the Spare Room in 2015 when she and Suzie, Allegra, and Eric Thompson teamed up with Caleb Klauder, Reeb Williams, for a set of Cajun must at the POTMG.