Acadian-Québécois Tune Workshops: Portland Nov. 25, 2016; Olympia Nov. 27, 2016

Come stoke up your musical hearth with a mix of well-seasoned fiddle fuel from Québec and Acadie! These tunes are guaranteed to keep your French-Canadian music fires burning brightly throughout the holiday season. We can all use the light!

WHAT WILL I LEARN? In this two-hour workshop, you will learn 3 tunes from eastern Quebec and New Brunswick, including a lovely new waltz from Keven Desrosiers and two great tunes from Acadian fiddler Robin LeBlanc. Tunes will be taught by ear. Sheet music will be furnished at the workshop.
ALL MELODY INSTRUMENTS WELCOME. Tunes will be in A modal, and G/C major.

WHEN AND WHERE? Both workshops take place 2-4pm. The Portland workshop is in southeast Portland (e-mail me for details). The Olympia workshop is at my house (e-mail me for details).

WHAT TO BRING? Please bring yourself, your instrument(s), and a recording device if you have one. I’ll have some kind of beverages and snack available…feel free to bring something to share if you wish!

LEVEL: (intermediate to advanced): If you are comfortable with your instrument, can play a dozen or so tunes close to or at dance speed without your hair catching on fire, and have facility picking up tunes by ear, this workshop is for you!

WHAT DOES IT COST?I am suggesting a $25-35 sliding scale. If that is simply out of your range, please come anyways and contribute what you can. I will be donating 25% of the proceeds to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit organization with a long history of upholding civil rights and peacefully, effectively combatting hate crimes throughout the nation.

HOW DO I REGISTER? All you need to do is to e-mail me back and tell me you are coming.

QUESTIONS: E-mail me or give me a call.