PDX Quebec Jam Session

PDX Quebec Jam session is a once-a-month (first Tuesday), 7-10pm house party in the Portland, OR area where folks who like to play traditional Quebecois and Acadian music get together in an informal and sociable way to share tunes. If you play or are interested in learning this kind of music, this session is for you. Stepdancers welcome!

The details:
– PDX Quebec Jam Session takes place on first Tuesdays of each month;
– sessions run 7-10pm;
– sessions are hosted in various homes in the Portland region (let me know if you’re interested in hosting!);
– sessions are free and open to folks who are on the session e-mail list (to join, contact me with a request to join this session);
– sessions are for folks who already know how to play their instrument (not for brand new players);
– all instruments are welcome;
– tunes are usually played several times through (unlike the Irish or Cape Breton sessions where tunes are only played 2-3 times) so that folks can really get their fingers around new tunes and/or enjoy playing the heck out of ones they know;
– participants are encouraged to bring snacks and/or beverages to share (we want this to be a social event!)

– we’ll try to feature some kind of Acadian or Quebecois special food (along with recipe) at each session (I’m happy to mail you a recipe if you’d like to do this!);
– check out the Resources page on this website for a list of tunes we have played at the session (along with links to recordings, and sheet music) and for some great taste-tested recipes.