Cajun Music Workshop June 12, 2016: Registration

CAJUN MUSIC WORKSHOP: Get your groove, timing, and etiquette on!

Do you love to play Cajun music? Would you like to strengthen your timing, tempo. groove, and session/danceband etiquette? Then this workshop is for you!

Whether you are a fiddler, accordion player, guitarist, bass player, drummer, singer, or ti-fer clanger (triangle), this two-hour workshop is a great opportunity to strengthen your skills and help make it possible to play at steady tempos at danceable speed and click in on established traditions about how to trade “leads” and play back-uyp on instrumentals and accompany appropriately when the singer is singing.

We will take two very well-known PDX Cajun tunes: J’ai passé devant ta porte (key of D) and Bayou Ponpon (also key of D) and hone our skills to get to dance speed, great groove, steady tempos, and comfortable, competent trading of leads. If time allows, we’ll look at other tunes as well!

So here is the scoop:
WHEN: Sunday, June 12, from 2-4pm
WHERE: 2102 N Webster St., Portland 97217
COST: $25 (a total bargain! pre-registration required!)
WHAT TO BRING: yourself, instrument, vocal chords, sense of humor

Sliding Scale $35-25