Festival of American Fiddle Tunes 2016

Bonjour tout le monde,

First of all, thanks for a truly amazing, warm-hearted week of music and fellowship. It was wonderful sharing stories and music from Mme. Rioux with you and building up a repertory we could share with her. Add to that that wonderful Skype visit, your outstanding band lab performance, and not one, but two great house parties. An incredibly lovely, memorable experience. Hourrah pour nous autres, as Antonio Bazinet would say!

In this page, you will find pdfs for the tunes I taught at our classes and which Keven and I taught in band lab. Please let me know if there are technical problems. In addition, here are some resources for learning more about Mme. Rioux and musical traditions of the Lower St. Lawrence.

Let’s stay in touch. It was a joy spending time with you. Let me know if you are interested in my coming to your neck of the woods to do a workshop or if you’d like a Skype lesson. As we found out, Skype can be pretty wonderful!

All the best indeed,
Here are some resources you may find of interest:

First: pdfs of the tunes I taught at the Festival:

1. Reel des swingneux. a composition by Keven DesRosiers (pdf)

2. Reel du moulin (trad., version from Thérèse Rioux, pdf)

3. Reel à Kim (a composition by Réjean Simard, version fro Thérèse Rioux, pdf)

4. Reel Ste-Louise (a composition by Réjean Lizotte, pdf)

5. Valse de la reine (trad., version from Thérèse Rioux, pdf)

6. Reel du centenaire (= The Parry Sound, by Jim Magill, version from Thérèse Rioux, pdf)

And our band tunes:

7. Reel à Réginald (from Réginald Alain; version from Thérèse Rioux,pdf)

8. Reel de Sherbrooke (trad., version from Thérèse Rioux, pdf)

9. Galope à monsieur Simard (composition by Réjean Simard, version from Thérèse Rioux, pdf)

10. Reel Bossé (from Paul Bossé of Rimouski, version from Thérèse Rioux, pdf)

Here are some Youtube videos of Keven and Mme. Rioux:

Reel Bossé

Valse de la reine

Photograph of Paul Bossé

Well, there it is. A start, at least! I hope that I will be seeing Keven in September at the Carrefour mondial d’accordéon in Montmagny and that I will be able to bring home some of Mme. Rioux’s CDs. Will try to keep you posted!

All the best indeed,