Lisa Ornstein and Dan Compton

Virtuoso fiddler Lisa Ornstein and ace guitarist Dan Compton relish in musical conversation. They transcend the form of the fiddle-and-guitar duo by playing completely together from somewhere deep inside the music.
Although they are both accomplished virtuosos on their instruments, what is really exciting about them is the interplay between the two. They’re definitely awake and listening, and no two performances are ever quite the same.
A concert with Lisa and Dan takes you on a journey deep into the musical heartlands of Quebec and Appalachia, with side trips for songs, stories, and original compositions. The depth and diversity of Lisa’s musical experiences and her powerful playing find their match in Dan’s imaginative, innovative approach to guitar. The result is a dazzling array of tunes and styles. Real deal music from players who know the traditions inside and out, served up fresh with a side of new tunes.

Listen to an excerpt of Rebels’ Raid; Le Reel du lièvre from The Magic Paintbrush CD